Life is a dream 1 我見一切眾生皆是菩薩Life is a dream 1Life is a dream, life is a dream.According to Buddha texts, he used to say that all images were mirages, were false and instant mirages.All images of your life are like a bolt of lightning in a storm, it will appear and disappear in a moment. Buddha said as well that it was the same as early-morning dew, when the sun rises, dew disappears.Life is like a bolt of lightning, it happens in a moment, it's like dew.All you see, touch and live, you're living it with your eyes open but as Buddha said, you're in a dream, it's not real.Buddha and Jesus Christ were people that woke up in their dreams. They realized that life was just a dream, that nothing was real, just 房地產a dream, nothing but a dream.Everything we see or touch, it borns, dies and disappears: things, people, power, money, properties, everything you want. It was from someone else before but now it's yours. In the future it can be your son's or someone else's. Everything comes in and out, there's nothing permanent. That is to say, if you want your life, your future and your next future after death to be positive, you should do positive things, so you'll end up positively: you'll enjoy the rest of your life positively and after death you'll enjoy a positive life.Positive things consist in helping others. Buddha and Jesus Christ devoted their lives to others. They suffered and died for others, never for 太平洋房屋their own interest, because they realized that life was like a movie. Movies we see are unreal, there's a script, a director and actors, we know that what we see is a fantasy, that nothing is real. It only reflects and image on the screen, nothing is real, it's only a turning movement of 24 fixed negatives per second; while is turning, it seems it's in movement but in reality it's only a 24-negative turning in a second. Life is the same, you think it's turning but it's not. It's like when we are dreaming. Sometimes we have nightmares and while we are dreaming, we feel that is not a dream, we think it's real, that's why we are frightened, tormented, our whole body sweats and we have a panic 酒店打工expression in our face. Suddenly, when we open our eyes, after all the fright, we are relieved when we know that it was only a nightmare, that it wasn't real.People is wrong, they don't know there are two nightmares, one of them is the nightmare with your eyes closed while you're sleeping and the other is when you open your eyes and you're living a nightmare inside another nightmare, so you didn't get out from the nightmare.It's the same as hypnosis. A master order you while you're hypnotized "When I say 1, 2 3, you'll wake up and when I say "1", you'll say "Hau, hau", when I say "2", you'll say "miao, miao" and after saying "1,2,3", you'll wake up with your eyes open while you're 賣屋still hypnotized. When the master says "1" you say "hau, hau", he says "2" and you say "miao, miao" with your eyes open, that means we think we are not dreaming but we are wrong, we're still dreaming.Life, since we are born till now, is full of good and bad images with our beloved ones, friends, people who born, die, accidents, diseases and whatever the reason, they die and leave us.We see friends and our beloved ones die but one day it will be our turn to die, anytime, without prior warning. Buddha says that anything we see or touch, any type of image is a mirage, nothing is real.Jesus Christ and Buddha devoted to others in this dream. Since we are in a dream, try to be more positive, this is what you should do, do positive 濾桶things. Life is a dream 2Most people think that life is not just a dream, they think it's real, that's why they do anything, whatever it takes, like abusing others, taking advantage of others, doing whatever, anything, to make their own profit, for their own whims. They want to have their every whim with their bad thoughts. They think: If I take advantage of this, how much profit will I get? But they're wrong, all we do is known, it's a matter of time. Thieves do bad things, sooner or later they will be captured, all their things will be taken away and they will go to prison, it's a matter of time. Everybody can see it, it's a matter of time.When you do negative things, I assure you, you'll end up ARMANInegatively. Many powerful people and citizens are absolutely wrong when they are in favour of abortion and they support the killing. Until now, 9.200.000 innocent babies have been killed in the world. People have killed their own children, 9.200.000 babies. Those lost souls are after their killers, they are waiting for the best moment to take their revenge. Remember, everybody is entitled to take their revenge. Imagine, if someone kills your son or kills you, don't you want revenge? I'm sure you do, you'll wait for the best moment to take your revenge. All 9.200.000 souls are after their killers. Everyone who supports or facilitates this killing of innocent babies, all this people who are in favour, doctors, powerful 景觀設計people, it doesn't matter who, will pay for that, for being in favour of killing. All those lost souls will go after their killers. Most of them, once they're old, won't end well, even their sons or grandsons because of what their father or grandfather did. This negative act will be paid dearly in this dream.In this dream nothing is real, that's why I recommend you to wake up from this dream, try to take advantage of this journey to Earth so this dream will be more pleasant for you, your family and others.Remember it's just a dream, life is just a dream, nothing else but a dream. What you see is not real, this is what is said in the scriptures of Buddha called "Diamond". Buddha always says the truth.I wish you 小額信貸can understand it. Try to be in peace with yourself, your family and others. Be always in favour of life, they have the same right to live like you or me. Even animals have this right, plants, trees and nature have the same right to live.If we pollute water, we pollute ourselves, if we pollute the air, we pollute ourselves because we breathe and drink water. All this have repercussions in ourselves. Try not to harm yourself because we will feel the pain.What we do in this dream, like a negative act, trying to take advantage of others or taking advantage of a powerful position and encouraging to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill and kill, in the end, you'll be the first one because within us, we have a thing called "conscience". 個人信貸When our time comes, we are alone and we punish ourselves. We can't escape from punishment of the Gods or our own punishment, we create our own hell, not Gods. We are punishing ourselves and we can't escape from ourselves because we have a clean conscience. Every mistake has been registered in a kind of a plane's black box. When there's a plane crash, the black box remains intact. You can fool others but not yourself. Your conscience registers every word, every second and any negative act you do but it also registers good deeds that will be rewarded by yourself and others.Please listen to me. Thanks. master roger in spain

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